When is a Damaged Windscreen Unrepairable?

Windscreens have a special design that provides structural support for the vehicle and it is therefore important to have a strong and undamaged windscreen all time. The structural design of windscreens involves two layers of glass which sandwich an inner layer of automotive...
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Why Do Windscreens Crack while Car Windows Shatter?

The various types of car glass are prone to damage from different sources. This can include vandalism, an accident, rocks kicked up from passing traffic among other sources of damage. Whilst the front windscreen is made up of two layers of safety glass laminated with a plastic...
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Large cracks spanning out from a big bulseye in windshield

Can Windshield Cracks Be Repaired?

We get enquiries about this all the time, or specifically: “Can my windscreen crack be repaired?” Such a question is valid as a repair job will always be cheaper than a full windshield replacement. And driving with a crack on your windshield does not only interfere...
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