Why Do I Need ADAS Windscreen Calibration?

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Nowadays, vehicles are more sophisticated than ever before. As well as the latest snazzy gadgets, some car manufacturers also use high-tech methods to improve the car’s safety.

One of the new technologies is the Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS). This system gives the driver an alert if there are potential hazards on the road. 

ADAS can also help drivers in critical situations by taking control of the vehicle. It uses sensor technology mounted on modern windscreens. 

When you need a windscreen replacement, the old glass is removed, and a new windshield is fitted into your vehicle. After this, the system requires recalibration as the new glass has slightly different characteristics from the previous glass.

You still need recalibration even if you choose genuine glass as opposed to aftermarket, as each glass panel will have slightly different characteristics. Much like a fingerprint.

Performing this calibration requires expensive and specialised equipment that not all repairers provide. Metro Auto Glass is proud to announce that we have the latest equipment available to provide this calibration service as needed.

Windscreen Calibration

Windscreen calibration is the process of ensuring the radar and camera lens capture the entire image of the road and vehicle by adjusting the parameters. 

It ensures ADAS receives reliable and accurate information about the vehicle.

The camera lens is fitted in the centre of the windscreen and captures important information about road conditions.

After that, ADAS will automatically activate safety measures digitally to avoid any potential harm that might happen to the driver or other road users.

The camera must be calibrated for the system to monitor pedestrians, blind spots, and proximity to other objects around the vehicle correctly.

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Type of Windscreen Camera Calibration

There are two types of windscreen camera calibration. They are:

  1. Static Recalibration

A calibration device is mounted in front of the vehicle. This type of recalibration requires a specific object during the process. Static Recalibration usually takes up to one or more hours to recalibrate. The process can differ slightly depending on the model of the car.

  1. Dynamic Recalibration

In order to recalibrate the camera system, you are required to drive the car at a specific speed. In the same way as a static recalibration, it can take up to one or more hours depending on the model.

The Reason Why Windscreen Calibration Is Important

The ADAS windscreen relies on a combination of cameras and sensors.

Along with a windscreen replacement, the camera will be aligned perfectly in the right position and be calibrated with the system to ensure the safety features are working. 

If the windscreen is not correctly fitted, it may impact the functionality of the system. Therefore, it is important to calibrate your windscreen immediately after a total replacement.

Be sure to get your ADAS checked if:

  • The camera is not connected
  • The camera is removed
  • There is a change of wheel and suspension because it also affects the function of ADAS

The Windscreen Calibration Regulations

According to The ADAS Code of Practice, you must recalibrate the windscreen system whenever you replace the windscreen. It needs to be done for maintaining driver safety.

If you go against the regulations, you must sign a waiver stating you are the one who asked the windscreen technician not to carry it out.

If someday, the system fails for this reason and an accident occurred, the technician will not be held responsible for the accident.

How to Get Your Windscreen Recalibrated?

If you need to recalibrate your ADAS system, you must ensure you are using a service from a highly trained technician who can carry out the process correctly. 

The technician must have attended formal training on the ADAS recalibration process and use up-to-date ADAS calibration equipment. 

Metro Auto Glass is proud to announce that our company has the latest ADAS calibration equipment. Also, all our team are trained on performing this calibration procedure for all vehicles that have this technology when performing windscreen replacements.

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