Cheap Windscreen Replacement – Is It Worth It?

Have you encountered a damaged windscreen? It is most likely at a very inconvenient time. No-one ever expects to have an accident whilst driving on the road. And if the damage occurred while you were not in the car, it is even more shocking when you discover it. However it...
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Truck Windscreen Replacement in Sydney

One of the most important requirements for motor vehicles in Australia is that the driver must be able to see the road clearly. Also no obstruction should interfere with the line of sight of the driver. This is especially true for Australian truck drivers. Whether they travel in...
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When to Request Windshield Rubber Seal Repair

The black rubber seals that are found on vehicle windscreens and windows are very important. While many may see them just as decorations, they actually play a very important role. As such, the rubber seals need to be in good shape and strong enough to function effectively. It is...
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When is a Damaged Windscreen Unrepairable?

Windscreens have a special design that provides structural support for the vehicle and it is therefore important to have a strong and undamaged windscreen all time. The structural design of windscreens involves two layers of glass which sandwich an inner layer of automotive...
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Car window that has been smashed.

Smashed Car Window? Request Car Window Replacement Now

With so much auto glass in our vehicles these days, broken windscreens are not the only damage that occurs. Broken sun roofs, cracked rear windscreens and smashed car windows are all very common. A broken car window is disadvantageous in terms of weather conditions and also the...
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How to Get Same Day Windscreen Replacement in Sydney

Have bad windscreen damage? Located in Sydney? Need it replaced right now? Give Metro Auto Glass a call right now. You just might be in luck! For many people a little crack on the windscreen is nothing more than annoying. Even if it is not in your line of sight, which could pose...
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Large cracks spanning out from a big bulseye in windshield

Can Windshield Cracks Be Repaired?

We get enquiries about this all the time, or specifically: “Can my windscreen crack be repaired?” Such a question is valid as a repair job will always be cheaper than a full windshield replacement. And driving with a crack on your windshield does not only interfere...
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Can My Windscreen Chip Be Repaired?

Recently noticed a small chip on your car’s windshield? Having a chipped windscreen is much more than a cosmetic issue. It also creates a hazard that can reduce the safety of all who travel in that vehicle. So let’s get into the answer of your question of when can a...
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Many different cars in lot, all with different windscreens

What is The Cost For Windscreen Replacement in Sydney?

Windscreen damage? Need a replacement? If you are located in Sydney you are most likely trying to find out how much a windscreen replacement costs in order to avoid getting ripped off. Unfortunately answering such a question is difficult without knowing the exact details for your...
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Broken glass being scraped out of a smashed windscreen

DIY Windscreen Replacement – Is It Safe?

Windscreen damage is a very common occurrence in vehicles. As a result there are thousands of windscreen damage insurance claims filed every year. But what happens if you don’t have windscreen insurance on your vehicle and you run into such damage? Maybe the thought of...
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