The (Unknown) Safety Importance of Your Windscreen

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For many people, a little crack on the windscreen is nothing more than annoying. Even if it is not in your line of sight, which may still present a legality risk in NSW, you may think “I need to get that fixed one day”.

But did you know that a little crack can actually compromise the overall safety of your vehicle?

The Real Importance of Your Windscreen

Your car or vehicle’s windscreen forms part of its Safety Restraint System (SRS). This system is designed to keep the occupants of the vehicle safe in the event of an accident.

Here is how it works.

  • The windscreen is designed to break and flex absorbing the force of an impact in an accident.
  • If any passenger is thrown forward into it, the windshield is designed to keep them inside.
  • This alone could save their life. Without it, they may be thrown outside and have the vehicle roll on top of them.

Therefore, any damage to the windscreen, even a small chip or crack can reduce the effectiveness of the windscreen during a collision or accident.

Does Your Windscreen Have ANY Damage?

As you can see, the strength of your windscreen plays a vital role in keeping the occupants of that vehicle safe.

Therefore any damage that is not repaired immediately on the windscreen can compromise the safety of you and your passengers.

Also, even the smallest chip or crack can spread rapidly by driving or even temperature fluctuations.

As you can imagine the larger the crack, the less effective the windscreen will be in protecting you in an accident. Plus, the lack of visibility may be the thing that causes that fatal accident too.

For this reason, it is best to get any damage to your windscreen fixed asap.

Also, a chip repair will always be less expensive than a full replacement, so that is even more incentive to get it repaired before the damage spreads too much.

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