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Having clear auto glass is not only presentable to the eyes but also gives you an easy time driving.

Cleaning your automotive glass is therefore one of the best practices in caring for your vehicle.

Avoid Ammonia

Many glass cleaners have Ammonia in them which cuts effectively on grease but can also cause damage when used on cars.

Ammonia has disadvantages in the following ways:

  • It releases dangerous fumes that are hazardous to human beings. This is even more dangerous in enclosed areas like inside the vehicle.
  • Ammonia-based cleaners can’t be used on tinted windows.

Use an Automotive Glass Cleaner

Instead you should look for an automotive glass cleaner as these products are designed specifically for car glass and will not damage your tinted windows.

Some people prefer to use plain water to clean their windows which may be safer but is not fully effective. Plain water can’t cut through stubborn spots.

You should also make use of a glass-cleaning microfiber towel to clean your auto glass which works more effectively than a general cloth.

Helpful Auto Glass Cleaning Tips

When cleaning your vehicle, any glass should be the last thing you clean in order to avoid re-contaminating it.

You should take the following precautions when cleaning your vehicle and especially when cleaning your auto glass:

  • You should work out of the sun on dry windows because the sun can cause the glass cleaner to evaporate too quickly, leaving residues.
  • Your most cleaning time should be spent on the windscreen as this is the point through which you look while driving more than other windows.
  • Roll down your windows halfway in order to clean the top edges of the glass. But make sure the windows are completely dry if you have just washed your car. Otherwise, you will have watermarks on the glass as it slides down and back up.

Are You a Smoker?

For those who smoke inside their cars, the windows of the vehicle are prone to smoke’s film. This impairs vision especially when the smoke accumulates on the windscreen.

Smoker’s film is also hard to clean and makes the vehicle’s glass very dirty. Driving with this kind of problem is dangerous when there is direct sunlight or even headlight glare from oncoming traffic at night.

It is therefore advised to avoid smoking inside the vehicle or if the problem already exists, make use of professional automotive glass cleaning products.

Don’t Forget Your Windscreen Wipers

You should also keep your wipers working properly if you are to care for your auto glass. You should thus clean them regularly as part of your car washing routine in order to function properly.

Check your wipers periodically to make sure they are working in the right manner and treat or replace them immediately if they appear to be dried out.

Another way to keep your windscreen clean is by use of washer fluid additives. Some of them though leave a nasty haze on the windscreen thus reducing visibility. It is advisable to only use automotive washer fluid in order to avoid damage to your windscreen.

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