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With so much auto glass in our vehicles these days, chips or cracks in your windscreen glass are not the only damages that can occur.

Smashed sunroofs and broken rear or side windows are also very common.

A broken car window is a cause for concern due to weather conditions and the increased security risk now that the car’s interior is exposed.

Many faced with such an issue decide to patch or mask the damage with plastic or thick tape to cover their broken window. While this may prevent light rain from getting into your vehicle it is by no means a long-term solution.

Without the protective glass window in place, any temporary fix that is applied to the vehicle leaves it prone to theft and water damage which can ruin the upholstery.

Car window that has been smashed.

How to Fix Your Broken Car Window

The only way to solve your problem and remove the stress from this situation is to perform a window replacement. If you are located in Sydney Australia, give Metro Auto Glass a call now.

In replacing a car window, we take the following steps:

  1. Inspection: Our technician will first inspect the damage on the affected window to ensure the best processes are carried out. We will also determine aspects such as the size of the glass and the type of vehicle, among other determining factors.
  2. Removal of Window: Our technician will remove any trim or door panels. This is to assist in accessing and removing the large glass pieces.
  3. Cleaning Process: Vacuuming is done to remove any debris and shattered glass remaining inside the vehicle. This ensures your own safety and comfort when the job is complete.
  4. Installation Process: In this process, a brand new window is placed in the car door.
  5. Testing: After the window has been installed, we test the electronics to ensure the electric window is functioning correctly.
  6. Reassembly: The door panel is now replaced in its original position.
  7. Final Clean: A final cleaning process is carried out inside the vehicle in order to clear all remaining debris from the work. Leaving you with a brand new-looking window.

The entire car window replacement process normally takes around one hour. You can trust our expertise and professionalism with all auto glass repairs.

Car windows are made in such a way that they shatter instead of breaking into pieces in the event of an impact. This is a structural modification that protects the occupants of the vehicle from injuries.

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