How Do Windshield Chip Repairs Work?

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Windshield chips are one of the most annoying things that can happen to your car.

They are small and seemingly harmless, but can quickly turn into a huge system of spiderweb cracks.

Usually, chips are caused by nothing more than a small stone flicking up off the road, and thankfully they are relatively easy to repair if you get onto them quickly.

Metro Auto Glass specialises in windscreen repairs and replacements. We are one of Sydney’s leading windshield repair service providers and have the reputation to match.

But how do we repair your windscreen when it has a nasty stone chip?

If you have a damaged windshield, contact us as soon as possible!

It is extremely important that you contact us regarding your windscreen damage as soon as you notice it.

Not only does this make the repair job easier, but it will generally save you a lot of time and money.

While windshield chips can happen very easily, they are usually noticeable straight away.

Unfortunately, many people simply ignore them and keep driving, especially if the chip is not right in front of their eyes. This is the worst thing you can do.

If you do decide to keep driving with a damaged windscreen all of the vibrations from the road and the wind can cause even the smallest chip to grow.

It will eventually turn into a large crack that can’t be repaired, meaning that you have to replace the entire windshield.

How Do We Repair Windscreen Chips?

First, it is important to note that we can only repair windshield chips that are smaller than a $1 coin. If they are any larger than this then they can’t be fixed safely, and your windscreen will need to be replaced.

Windscreen chip repairs are actually extremely simple. A few basic steps allow us to return your windshield to a near-new state:

  1. First, we clean the damaged area and make sure there aren’t any loose fragments of glass or dirt stuck in the chip.
  2. Secondly, we inject a special resin into the damaged area, effectively filling the chip and protecting it from further damage.
  3. Thirdly, we perform a hardening treatment on the resin, turning it into a durable, long-lasting substance that can extend the life of your windshield for years.

Windscreen chip repairs are very simple, and are usually completed within 30 minutes.

This saves you time and money and should be done as soon as possible after you notice the chip.

However, it is important to note that windscreen repairs aren’t completely invisible. They are generally hard to spot, but they can still be visible as small indents or marks.

Do You Need Windshield Repairs Done?

If you need windscreen repair done in Sydney or surrounding areas then don’t go past our friendly team at Metro Auto Glass.

We are your local windscreen repair specialists and will do whatever we can to fix your windscreen.

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