When to Request Windshield Rubber Seal Repair

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The black rubber seals that are found on vehicle windscreens and windows are very important.

While many may see them just as decorations, they actually play a very important role. As such, the rubber seals need to be in good shape and strong enough to function effectively.

It is best to check them periodically, normally when washing your car and pay more attention to them for older vehicles.

When they start to show wear and tear, and especially if they leak water in the rain, they need to be replaced. This is when you should request for their repair or replacement by a professional, such as Metro Auto Glass.

The windshield and window rubber seals protect the interior of the vehicle from issues caused by bad weather and harsh winds.

If you are the type to worry about costs, this is not one of the times to worry as the replacement of rubber seals is quite cheap compared to the replacement of items that are water damaged.

In fact, excessive water damage can lead to cars being written off by insurance companies!

Windscreen Rubber Seal Repairing Process

For a professional, completing this type of repair is straightforward and quite easy. You can expect them to normally take around an hour.

After doing some research you may gain confidence and consider a DIY method. However, we recommend getting professional assistance. Especially as these seals hold your windscreen in place which adds safety and security to your vehicle.

If you choose to try it yourself you will need a cutter or razor blade, adhesive remover, sealant and nylon cleaning brush.

Window Rubber Seal Repairs

The repair process for the window rubber seals that are glued to the window frame usually involves soaking the rubber seal with an adhesive remover for a couple of minutes. After this, the seals are pried off the window using pliers and then cut off one segment at a time for easier removal.

It is also advisable to do this procedure of rubber seal replacement in a warm environment. This is because if you do it in cold weather, the rubber seals contract thus giving you a hard time during installation.

As mentioned, window rubber seals are very important parts of a vehicle and thus should be treated with urgency if damaged. This process of rubber seal replacement can be done personally however we advise requesting an industry professional such as us.

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