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Insurance Approved Automotive Glass Repairer

We frequently handle insurance-related tasks for major Australian insurance providers like NRMA, AAMI, APIA, and Allianz.

These companies often refer job requests to us, but we also collaborate directly with individuals like yourself. We’re equipped to assist you in navigating the process with your insurer.

Should your vehicle’s auto glass sustain damage and you seek repairs covered by your insurance, please reach out to us.

Each scenario is distinct, and we’ll offer tailored guidance based on your specific circumstances.

Metro Auto Glass expedites the repair procedure, ensuring a swift return to the road while having the repair expenses covered by your insurance provider. Connect with us today.

Here we are performing a windscreen replacement sydney

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Will Insurance Cover Your Glass Repair?

Want a Discount?

Reduce the cost of your next Metro Auto Glass repair or replacement.

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Regrettably, not all tiers of motor vehicle insurance encompass windscreen or auto glass repairs.

Certain insurers offer this as an optional cover that necessitates selection during policy initiation.

If your insurance doesn’t include coverage for windscreen damage or broken car window replacements, take solace in our highly competitive pricing and exceptional service quality.

Reach out to us for a free quote, restoring your damaged vehicle to its pristine condition at fair and budget-friendly rates.

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Involved in an Accident? Who was at Fault?

Sometimes even the most careful of drivers can run into an unfortunate accident. Hence why, it is always best to have an active insurance policy to cover yourself just in case.

Dealing with accidents all day long, insurance companies can quickly identify who is at fault.

Once this “at fault” person has been identified, they are responsible for paying for the costs of all repair for the damage caused.

If you are involved in an accident we hope the fault does not fall with you. If you are at fault, we hope your level of insurance covers you for all damages.

Paying an insurance excess of a few hundred dollars is always better than paying tens of thousands or more.

Before and after photos of front windscreen and rear window replacements

Need An Auto Glass Insurance Repair?

Metro Auto Glass van side view

Smashed car window or windscreen? Want to get the repair work done now and paid for by insurance?

The first step is usually to contact your insurer and make sure your damage will be covered by the person at fault or your insurance company. Although if doubt you can always contact us.

If your insurance company has told you there is a delay in getting your auto glass repair completed, we may be able to step in and complete the work sooner.

We provide a mobile service across all of Sydney, meaning we come to you to complete the work on-site at your vehicle’s location.

As an insurance approved automotive repairer, contact us now and tell us all the details.

Let's Repair Your Damaged Auto Glass

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