Windscreen Stone Chip & Crack Repairs

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We Repair Chipped & Cracked Windscreens

Have a chip or crack on your windscreen? Metro Auto Glass use the latest technology to perform Stone Chip repairs in Sydney.

However we can only perform this type of repair on chips and cracks that are smaller than a one dollar coin. Therefor, it is vital you contact us as soon as your realise you have this type of windscreen damage.

A Stone Chip repair is available when the chip on your windscreen is not larger than an Australian $1 coin.

Ignoring a Stone Chip may cause irreversible damage. When a Stone Chip is left unrepaired for too long, water and dirt may buildup inside the chip which may lead to a repair becoming ineffective.

A Stone Chip may also splinter and turn into a large crack requiring a complete windscreen replacement.

Here we are performing a windscreen replacement sydney

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Is Your Windscreen Chip / Crack Roadworthy?

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For your car to be deemed roadworthy and legal to drive in NSW, you are not allowed any more that two (2) of the following on the drivers side:

  • A hairline crack up to 30mm long
  • A crack from the edge up to 75mm long
  • A ‘bullseye’ crack up to 16mm diameter

Even if your damage is currently less than the legal requirement, driving with any damage to your windscreen glass is dangerous.

Contact Metro Auto Glass today and get it repaired asap.

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Our Windscreen Chip Repair Process

Step 1

Prepare Chip / Cracks

This step involves cleaning and possibly slight drilling on the chip to allow a smooth surface for the resin to bond to.

Step 2

Inject Resin

Using specialised tools and industry leading products we inject a special resin into the glass under pressure and remove excess air.

Step 3

Cure Resin

The hardening treatment involves a special UV light to cure the resin. This causes it to set, filling all the cracks and holes completely.

Step 4

Complete Repair

After a quick cleanup of the area the chip and cracks will be hidden as much as possible. This whole process is usually completed in 15-30 minutes.

Sydney Windscreen Chip / Crack Repair

There are a range of types of windscreen chips and cracks that can occur on your windshield. These include bullseye, half moon, stress crack, ding and combination break.

However we can only repair ones that are smaller than a $1 coin. Regardless, driving with any chip is not only distracting for the driver, it is also unsafe as it reduce the structural integrity of your vehicle.

The moment you notice any damage to your windscreen, you should stop driving and contact us. We will come to you to perform a stone chip repair at your vehicle’s location.

Windscreen chip repair is normally completed in around 30 minutes and costs a fraction of the price of a full replacement.

Also if you have motor vehicle insurance that includes windscreen damage, your insurer usually covers this cost.

Before and after photos of front windscreen and rear window replacements

Your Automotive Glass Repair Experts

Metro Auto Glass van side view

Please Note: Windscreen chip repair will never return your glass to a perfect condition. You will always be able to see a slight difference in the glass where the repair was completed.

This is because the resin has a different composition to your actual glass. This is the same for every windscreen repairer or repair kit.

With laminated safety glass your windscreen can withstand quite substantial impacts from flying rocks that may be kicked up from other car tyres when travelling on the road.

However all it takes it a stone travelling at a certain angle with the right amount of force for you to encounter a stone chip on your windscreen.

Give Metro Auto Glass a call now to discuss your options or book in your stone chip repair.

Let's Repair Your Chipped Windscreen

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