Truck Windscreen Repairs & Window Replacements

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Truck Windscreen Replacement Sydney

Have a Kenworth, Mack, Isuzu, Volvo, Scania, Hino or other truck? Make sure your big rig is ready for the next long haul.

Whether you travel in Sydney or anywhere else, you must have the clearest possible view of the road while driving these heavy commercial vehicles.

The windscreen of your truck should therefore be repaired or replaced immediately if it is chipped or cracked. Failure to do this poses a great risk to the truck, its occupants, cargo and all other road users.

Metro Auto Glass specialise in truck windscreen repairs in Sydney for stone chips and small cracks. However, if the damage is too extensive we also provide truck windscreen replacements.

Front of truck showing windscreen and side window glass

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Is Your Trucks Windscreen Damage Legal?

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The area on the windscreen in front of the driver that extends across to the centreline of the truck is allowed to have up to two of the following defects, but no more.

  • A “bulls-eye” crack of up to 16mm in diameter.
  • A crack from edge up to 75mm long.
  • A hairline crack of up to 30mm long.

If your truck windscreen is severely damaged it is illegal to drive on Australian roads. Regardless driving with any damage is dangerous.

Contact Metro Auto Glass now to request your free quote. To save on both repair time and costs, we will always suggest repair whenever legally possible.

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Sydney Truck Window Replacements

In all vehicles, side and rear windows are prone to breaking when impacted. This glass shatters and is not possible to repair. Instead window replacement is needed.

By not replacing broken truck windows you expose the interior of the commercial vehicle to bad weather and theft risks. Contact us to fix your broken truck windows.

We provide the option of genuine or aftermarket glass to help you save on costs. Plus, we always follow all legal requirements for automotive glass in Australia.

For example, did you know that reflective or mirror-like tinted film is not acceptable as it may affect other drivers on the road by reflecting sunlight or headlight beams directly into their eyes.

Also, a tinted or opaque band that runs across the top part of the windscreen is only allowed if is less than 10% of the windscreen height and is above the area that is swept by the windscreen wipers.

Here we are performing a windscreen replacement sydney

We Come to You & Complete All Work Onsite

Metro Auto Glass van side view

Trucks are quite tricky to manoeuvre when compared to other vehicles. Also these large vehicles take up a lot of the road.

As such, it is essential that truck drivers can see clearly in all directions, especially when entering busy Sydney city traffic.

If you or your company has a truck with a damaged windscreen or window within Sydney, give our professional team a call to request a free quote.

With our mobile service, we come to you and complete all work onsite at the truck’s location. There is no need to drive with a potentially unroadworhty vehicle.

Let’s schedule your repair or replacement today. Along with cars and trucks we also provide automotive glass repair and replacement services for a range of other vehicles too.

Let's Repair Your Trucks Damaged Auto Glass

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