ADAS Windscreen Calibration

Important service recommended after windscreen replacements.
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Strathfield ADAS Calibration Workshop

Metro Auto Glass has a fleet of mobile service vans. This allows us to come to you and complete all windscreen repairs and window replacements onsite.

While we can also provide ADAS windscreen calibration at your location, we have a dedicated workshop in Strathfield South in Sydney which is perfect for this service.

If your vehicle has an Advanced Driving Assistance System and has suffered significant windscreen damage, talk with us about windscreen replacement and ADAS calibration.

Failing to do calibrate your ADAS can result in incorrect operation of this specialised system which can be dangerous while driving. Don’t risk your safety. Get a free quote today.

Metro Auto Glass Strathfield South location where we complete ADAS calibrations.

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As a leader in Sydney auto glass repair and replacement services, Metro Auto Glass is one of the few in the industry that has this specialized ADAS calibration equipment.

This allows us to ensure your modern vehicle is safe to drive following your windscreen replacement. But that is not all.

We also provide exceptional customer service, fantastic rates and full warranties. This has led to us earning hundreds of 5-star reviews.

How much does ADAS windscreen calibration cost? Get your free quote and find out now.

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Is ADAS Calibration Necessary?

Your vehicle’s ADAS system must be calibrated after certain repairs to perform accurately and with precision.

As such, ADAS calibration should be completed each time your windscreen is replaced or if a windscreen repair was completed directly in front of the ADAS camera.

If you don’t re-calibrate it, your vehicle may not be able to accurately determine the distance of other vehicles or obstacles in front of you. This can present a serious safety issue.

Without calibration, ADAS may not activate your brakes in time which can result in an accident causing serious or fatal injuries. When it comes to your life you should never take this risk.

Advanced Driver Assistance System technology showing car in front of moving vehicle.

How Do We Calibrate ADAS?

Calibration of your ADAS system requires a flat surface, sufficient lighting and sophisticated equipment.

This equipment, including lasers and sensors, are placed around your vehicle, some of which are fitted to your car’s wheels. We then run the calibration process which can take hours to cycle through.

For this reason, it is best to complete this service in our Strathfield workshop where we have adequate space. Of course, we can also bring our calibration equipment to your location upon special request.

Need ADAS windscreen calibrations for your vehicle? Contact us for a quote today. We also perform all types of auto glass repairs to get you back on the road safely.

Let's Recalibrate Your Windscreen

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