DIY Windscreen Replacement – Is It Safe?

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Windscreen damage is a very common occurrence in vehicles. As a result, there are thousands of windscreen damage insurance claims filed every year.

But what happens if you don’t have windscreen insurance on your vehicle and you run into such damage? Maybe the thought of doing the repair yourself have crossed your mind. Maybe you are seriously considering it.

However, a big question lurks in the back of your mind. How safe is DIY windscreen replacement?

Before we provide a straight answer to this question, let’s first consider your options. You could either choose:

  1. A professional windscreen repair and replacement company to fix your damage; or
  2. Do It Yourself.

In comparing these two options looks consider the implications associated with each.

Windscreen Replacement Cost

As a DIYer, you can easily find windscreen repair kits and can seek to source your own windscreen glass to complete a replacement yourself. Initially, you may think the only cost involved will be the cost of purchasing the repair kit or glass. However, you must consider these situations:

  • What happens if you purchase the wrong size or type of windscreen glass?
  • What happens if you damage the glass and need to buy a second or third to do the job correctly?
  • What happens if you don’t install the windscreen correctly, void the warranty and require another repair or replacement in the near future?

All of these and other potential issues result in more cost to your “cheap” DIY job.

On the other hand, a professional auto glass repair and replacement service offers a flat rate price and provides a warranty on their products and services. Also with their industry connections, they source materials at trade prices and can pass these savings on to you.

You may even find that having a professional complete the job for you is quite comparable in price to sourcing the materials yourself. Plus you have the added benefit of knowing it will be done right and backed with a warranty.

Time Frame to Complete

DIY windscreen repair or replacement can often take longer than you may think. First, you want to do the job to the best of your ability so this means research. Researching the products to buy and where to source them from.

Also when doing the job you will be working with high-grade adhesive which you only get one shot at, so you need to take your time to plan the job right.

On the other hand, you can choose a professional to complete the work for you. In this case, all you need to research is which company to do the replacement.

Choosing a mobile repair company such as Metro Auto Glass means you don’t have to take more time out of your schedule. We work according to you and come to your location to complete the job. All you need to do is make the appointment.

For a professional company like ours, we complete windscreen replacements in about 1 hour. Total time for a professional will be hours, compared to your days, weeks or longer if you try to do all the research, source the materials and do it yourself.

Safety Aspects

Now we get to the most important point of the article.

Safety is a vital factor to consider if you opt for DIY windscreen replacement.

When installed correctly the windscreen adds structural strength to the chassis covering what would otherwise be an open space at the front of the vehicle.

For this reason, the windscreen plays an important role if and when the vehicle is involved in a high-impact accident. Therefore a correctly fitted windscreen which is the right type for the vehicle is important for the safety of the driver, passengers and other road users.

After doing a windscreen replacement yourself it can be quite difficult for an untrained installer to realise they have not securely fitted the windscreen.

It may appear to be sitting okay and glued in with the adhesive. But if not done correctly this can have adverse effects in an accident and as such you are putting yourself and anyone who travels in the vehicle at risk.

On the other hand, when choosing a professional windscreen replacement company you leverage their skill and years of experience in this type of job.

This is where paying for a professional to get your vehicle back to a safe and structurally sound condition is well worth the price.

Is DIY Windscreen Replacement Safe?

The simple answer to this question is – it depends.

It depends on the person doing the replacement. It depends on which materials they have chosen and the technique they use to complete the job.

This results in too many variables and for this reason, we advise against DIY windscreen replacement.

Instead, we recommend choosing a professional company, such as ours. By doing so you often save yourself time and money in the long run, not to mention gain confidence that you are making the safest choice for repairing your damaged windscreen.

Don’t put your passengers or yourself at risk just because you want to save a few bucks. Life is not worth it.

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