Cheap Windscreen Replacement (WARNING: Read This First)

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Have you just discovered your broken windscreen and have no insurance to cover the repair bill?

No one ever expects to have an accident whilst driving on the road. And if the damage occurred while you were not in the car, it is even more shocking when you discover it.

However it happened, your damaged windscreen needs attention. And if the damage is beyond repair, you need a windscreen replacement.

When low on cash and in need of a service, most of us look for a cheap service provider.

Searching For Cheap Windscreen Replacement?

As you can imagine, windscreen replacement can be quite costly. Especially if you have a modified vehicle or a large vehicle for that matter.

Also, newer vehicles tend to have advanced technology built into the glass, such as rain sensors and advanced driver assistance systems. All of this increases the cost of the glass and the cost of replacement.

This may seem too expensive for you right now. Thus you seek a shortcut to paying such a high amount and as such your search for a cheap windscreen replacement begins.

But Remember, You Get What You Pay For

In an effort to save on the upfront costs many car owners blindly choose the cheapest option, they can find. However, in most cases, this ends up costing them more in the long run.

The main “cheap” windscreen replacement options include:

  • Performing a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) method to fix the problem
  • Hiring non-skilled, untrained or under-qualified individuals
  • Finding the cheapest professional available

Unfortunately, each of these “cheap” options often produces the same result. That is a dodgy repair that does not stand the test of time and often needs a high-quality redo in the not-too-distant future.

Cheap Is Often Expensive In The Long Run

The first thing that could go wrong is installing the wrong type of glass.

Even though a windscreen may fit your vehicle it is essential that the glass you are using meets the car manufacturer’s specification. Also, as in the case of Australia, the glass must meet Australian safety standards. Unfortunately, an inexperienced installer may get this wrong.

The second issue can be that the windscreen is not installed properly. Without professional assistance, this can be very hard to identify. However if not installed correctly this can compromise the safety of all passengers in your vehicle.

By choosing a cheaper windscreen replacement option you may find that you need to redo the repair in a few weeks or months’ time as it can easily become damaged just from normal driving. Hence you may need another full replacement and end up paying twice.

It is therefore advised to employ the services of a highly skilled professional glass repairer to fix your windscreen. This is because cheap windscreen replacement is not at all worth it.

Instead, Seek – Superior Value For Money

To avoid any mishaps you should always seek the services of a trusted professional who can provide value for money prices. Metro Auto Glass in Sydney provides just that.

We may not be the cheapest provider but we ensure you quality service at very competitive prices.

With a lifetime warranty on all our workmanship, you will not be paying for a second fix-up job as in the case where you choose an unskilled worker to complete a cheap job for you.

Need windscreen repairs in Sydney? Get in contact with us to request your free quote today.

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