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Having a crack on your windscreen can, but shouldn’t, be a common occurrence for motorists.

Some car owners who have cracks on their windscreens may be reluctant to deal with the problem especially if the crack is not in the line of sight of the driver.

Everyone should however be aware that driving with a cracked windscreen can be considered a traffic offence, not to mention a danger to the passengers inside the vehicle and other road users or pedestrians.

Have a Cracked Windscreen?

If you have any cracks on your windscreen we strongly advise you to contact us or a local automotive glass specialist. We can assess the damage to rectify the issue as soon as possible.

Driving with a damaged windscreen, regardless of the legalities reduces the strength of the windscreen which can cause more damage to your vehicle in an accident. This can also result in increased injuries for the passengers of the vehicle.

Even small areas of damage can rapidly spread and worsen the situation.

When you have a cracked windscreen and live in a region with harsh weather conditions like Australia or when driving on bad roads, the windscreen glass is less likely to withstand the pressures and vibrations caused by driving.

Take for example soaring heat or freezing weather and a cracked windscreen. Even the slightest crack on the windscreen can suddenly expand if subjected to cooling or heating inside the vehicle.

This can mean a simple windscreen repair job turns into a more expensive windscreen replacement.

When a Windscreen Crack is Illegal in NSW

If all you are concerned about are the actual legalities then here you go.

According to Safety Rules on the NSW government website:

A windscreen will not pass a Safety Check inspection if it has any two or more of the following on the drivers half of the windscreen:

  • A hairline crack up to 30mm
  • A crack from the edge up to 75mm
  • A bullseye crack up to 16mmm

So if your car’s windscreen has either one of these cracks that are longer than those mentioned above or more than 2 of these allowed size limits cracks, your vehicle will be illegal to drive on NSW roads.

Your Cracked Windscreen Is A Huge Safety Issue

As mentioned your windscreen damage may technically be legal to drive but doing so is only putting yourself and others at risk.

The region that is directly in front of the driver is the most critical part of the windscreen for safety.

Damage in the driver’s line of sight is especially vital as it can interfere with visibility when driving.

This in turn increases the chances of an accident occurring thus endangering the lives of passengers inside the vehicle and anyone with whom the vehicle may come in contact.

Therefore, it is advisable not just to be concerned with the area in front of the driver only but also other areas of the windscreen.

The windscreen as we have noted is important in protecting you and your passengers in the vehicle. To show just how important the windscreen is in the event of an accident, we can look at the mechanism of an airbag.

An airbag that deploys in the event of an accident, strikes the windscreen with considerable force.

In the case where the windscreen is cracked, the airbag deploys through the windscreen instead of forward towards the driver and front passenger.

This can bring very serious consequences including severe injuries which can even be fatal to any or all vehicle occupants.

Get Your Windscreen Damage Repaired ASAP

If you are unfortunate to have a cracked windscreen, even a small crack, you should not take it for granted as it can pose a greater risk than simply getting a fine.

Located in Sydney? Get in contact with Metro Auto Glass now. Alternatively, find a local trusted and quality windscreen repairer to help get your car back to a safe and secure standard.

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