How Much Does Windscreen Chip Repair Cost?

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You’re driving behind a truck and suddenly a stone comes flying to your windscreen leaving a visible chip.

This can happen at any time when on the road. When it happens you then start to think “how much does a windscreen chip repair cost?”

In this article, we’ll talk about the cost of a windscreen chip repair and if the damage is repairable or not. We’ll also look at why it’s important to have a windscreen chip fixed as soon as possible.

The Cost of Windscreen Chip Repair

The cost can vary depending on your location and who completes the job.

For example, repair costs may differ depending on the service provider you choose and your geographical location. For example, rural services tend to be cheaper than city prices.

One thing to keep in mind is that not all chip damage is the same. As such, repair methods may differ depending on the chip’s location on the windscreen and the severity of the damage.

You should also be aware that most mobile windscreen repairers provide no additional cost if they come to you compared to if you come to them. But it is always best to ask before booking your service.

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DIY Vs Professional

While many people may be tempted to buy a DIY kit for windscreen chip repair, it is important to note that the quality of these products is often not as good as what the professionals use.

Also, there is a risk of not doing the job properly which will require a professional to fix it up, adding to your overall cost.

As such, it is advisable to pay a little extra to have it professionally repaired. Thus ensuring the safety of you and your passengers when driving.

Is My Windscreen Chip Repairable?

In general, a windscreen chip less than the size of an Australian $1 coin is repairable.

However, if the chip is bigger or has long cracks surrounding it, then it will likely require a full windscreen replacement.

Another thing to keep in mind is if the chip is located in your line of sight and exceeds 15mm, then it may not be repairable as it can still obstruct your vision while driving, even when repaired.

This is because a chip repair will never be totally invisible. Even though the gap in the glass will be filled with resin, there may still be a blur or blemish in the glass where the chip was.

Repairer inspecting dmage and preparing chip repair equipment.

When Should You Repair a Windscreen Chip?

It’s strongly advisable to repair your windscreen chip as soon as possible to prevent the chip from spreading and causing further damage to your windscreen.

A small chip can turn into a large crack very quickly, especially if you’re driving on rough roads with lots of vibration or in extreme weather conditions.

Not only is a cracked windscreen unsightly, but it can also be dangerous as it can obstruct your view while driving.

Not to mention, driving with a cracked or badly chipped windscreen can also be illegal in Australia.

For your car to be considered roadworthy in NSW, it should not have any chips or cracks that are as big as the following:

  • A hairline crack up to 30mm long
  • A crack from the edge more than 75mm long
  • A “bullseye” crack more than 16mm in diameter

Regardless of the legal requirements, it’s still important to repair your windscreen chip the moment it occurs to prevent accidents and further damage.

Windscreen repair technician injecting resin into chip.

How Is Windscreen Chip Repair Done?

Once the technician identifies that the chip is repairable, the process of windscreen chip repair is fairly straightforward.

A technician will first clean the area around the chip before injecting a special resin into the chip. The resin will fill the chip and harden thus preventing the chip from spreading further.

Once the resin has hardened, the technician will then polish the area to blend it in with the rest of your windscreen.

The whole process will only take around 15-40 minutes. And that’s it! The chip will be barely visible on your windscreen.

But bear in mind that the repaired windscreen will never look the same as the undamaged windscreen. It’s the same for all service providers and all resin brands.

When Should You NOT Repair Your Windscreen?

There are certain cases when windscreen chip repair is not recommended.

If the chip is located in your line of sight and is bigger than the recommended chip size, it’s best to replace your windscreen entirely as trying to repair it may not completely fix the problem. 

Likewise, if the chip is too big or too deep, then replacement may be the only option.

Large chip with running cracks that is in the drivers line of vision.

Final Thoughts

Windscreen chip repair is a cost-effective and convenient way to fix a small problem before it turns into a bigger one.

Be sure to have it fixed as soon as possible to avoid further damage and to keep your windscreen in top condition.

It’s important to also note that if you have comprehensive insurance, you may not have to pay the full cost out of your pocket as insurers typically cover windscreen repairs.

So if money is tight, this may be another option for you too.

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